Enjoy Different Looks by Using Leggings:

Enjoy Different Looks by Using Leggings:

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It is usually said that people get an idea about other people by looking at their dresses and attires. To some extent, it is true as well. What you wear shows your temperament and also represents what kind of personality you are. Same goes true for the leggings. Leggings are versatile and a must have for every closet. Cotton leggings in particular are comfortable yet stylish in every possible manner. Wearing these leggings will enable you to enjoy fashion without compromising the comfort. You can get variety of looks with just one basic pair of the cotton leggings in UK or in any part of the world.       

Let us discuss briefly how you can do this and turn you upside down without any difficulty.

Casual, fun and young:

Get a simple pair of cotton leggings and create fun look with a mini skirt or pair of short shorts. Simply wearing the leggings under the mini skirt or short shorts and enhance your overall look. Complement it with a simple tee but don’t forget to ensure that the skirt and the leggings should be going well with each other. If you are wearing the day wear then you can go for the flats to remain comfortable.  On the other hand for the night wear, you can go for the pumps. In order to enjoy an edgier and younger look, you can go for with the hi top sneakers to enjoy funkier feeling.

Classy and casual:

Trade in usual jeans, with these cotton leggings to enjoy casual yet classy look. Wear a long shirt that falls down the hips and pair it with full length leggings. This will give you unlimited options like you can always mix and match the designs, color and prints. If you are wearing simple tops with busy prints or screaming colors then black leggings will serve the purpose best. Brown and other nude colors serve the purpose very well too. Tunics can be good option as well but don’t go for the too long tops. This might make your body look too short. Wear sneakers or flats with to show people off what you are wearing and not the full dress of course.

Date look:

In case you are looking for something new to wear when it is about going to a date, then again leggings can serve the purpose very well. They are not too stiff and very comfortable which makes them to be worn to even restaurant. You can opt for the comfortable jersey knit dress. In order to accentuate your waist you can wear a wide belt. For this look, you can go for the full length or mid calf leggings. It depends on your shoes that you plan to wear. You can wear high heels, or high heeled boots. Avoid wearing flats as they will make your legs look stumpy and short.              

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18 Sep