The Fancy Dress Store UK Presents Fancy Womens Costumes

The Fancy Dress Store UK Presents Fancy Womens Costumes


The Fancy Dress Store is excited to introduce the fashion community to its store, a destination to shop the best-curated selection of women's fancy dress offerings. The Fancy Dress Store makes it convenient for customers to explore trendy, stunning and fashionable women's costumes for themselves and provides an opportunity for brands of women's clothing to elevate themselves in recognition of the quality of products in the marketplace of The Fancy Dress Store, both online and in-store. The editorial team of The Fancy Dress Store carefully check the fabric, fitting, designing, tailoring and stitching of brands of womens fancy dresses.

All brands of womens fancy dresses are exhibited along with the other brands of masking, footwear and women's couture. All these brands of womens fancy costumes are evaluated by the editorial team of The Fancy Dress Store to make sure that they meet a high standard of quality. The Fancy Dress Store select the brands of womens fancy costumes based on the following criteria:

Quality Of Fabrics

We check the texture, fabric composition and weight. We also take into notice the inclusion of natural fibres like silk, cotton, cashmere and leather which are good indicators of quality in the manufacturing of these fabrics.

Body Fit

The Fancy Dress Store chooses the best collection of womens fancy dresses that are designed and tailored to fit the body and give it shape. We see seams, darts, topstitching and drapes of items.

Wise Manufacturing

We ensure each women's costume is designed and produced carefully. We check all transparent methods of manufacturing and from zippers to lines.

Salient Features Of The Fancy Dress Store

The Fancy Dress Store, Manchester-based and established in 1918, has a vast network of stores across the UK, offers a wide range of the latest, adorable and sumptuous collection of womens fancy costumes, and pays homage to its British roots through its design in women's outfit.

We, The Fancy Dress Store, offer eco-friendly and sustainable women's clothing like jumpsuits, loungewear and activewear that are made of non-toxic and natural material. We have a mission to lead the movement of clean fashion.

The Fancy Dress Store struggles to decrease the waste that affects the climate of the world through its recycling program and use of natural and non-toxic material, recyclable packaging, low-impact dyes and plastic-free production of all womens fancy dresses. We also use 100% biodegradable yarn to make womens fancy dresses by obtaining from ethical suppliers across the world.

Our designs of women's apparel aim to maintain a balance between minimal and statement-earning dressing and appeal to customers to purchase eco-conscious and high-quality women's fancy garments. We also prioritize craftsmanship in causing women's fancy dresses by performing with local women residing in Manchester, UK who use organic fibres, dormant stock of fabrics and reusable packaging provided by our company.

The Fancy Dress Store is committed to running responsible and ethical manufacturing and trade practices.

Online Payment And Delivery Services Of The Fancy Dress Store

The Fancy Dress Store understand the importance of feeling safe for both its customers and employees. While some customers feel safe at public places like marketplaces, shopping malls and high-street shops but after the Covid-19 pandemic, people became habitual of shopping through Omnichannel. The Fancy Dress Store provides online Womens Fancy Dresses facility BOPIS (buy online pay in-store) to its all customers and some of them continue to use a curbside pickup. It also offers a payment method facility to ease its customers such as buying online Womens Fancy Costumes And Accessories and paying later.


The Fancy Dress Store Manchester UK carefully evaluates each item and procedure from fabrics and fibres to the packaging of economical women's costumes to lead the fashion community.

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